Hey look…Is that a Gnome or Fairy Door I see???

Once upon a time in a fairy tale land lived a little fairy family, there names were Ella she was the mother of the family & the father was a gnome named big  Ben. they had a little girl and a teenager! There newest member to the family was sugar plum shes 2 fairy years old. There teenager name, was Lucy, she was a very polite fairy & did all her chores! But one day she was picking blackberries and strawberries for dessert when she dropped a couple and it landed on there front door that’s how the front door turned pink & purple! They lived a special land named the magical Brooklyn forest, they loved their little house and they loved their colorful door, they loved everything in their forest!

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Zoom Out!!

 Guess what!!! I’m doing a post called “the zoom out post!”

This is how it works!

1. You visit a blog with a zoom out post on it, like me!

2. Once you found a blog  with a zoom out post on it you read the comments

3. Then add on to the story in  1 sentence

4. Then we will have 1 big story about a picture

Here’s the picture:



Cool right!

I’ll go first and start the story, look at my comments and you’ll see how it first started!


Picture: Puppy By: Rach

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Want to here about my Dream lastnight!!!

Well guess what I had the best dream last night,

Want to know what it was about? Well, I’m going to tell you anyway.

Here’s how it went…

Brianne? wake up wake up! ahhh finally your awake said a girl with really red and curly hair that looked like licorice! Were am I? I said and she said your in candy land silly and I am sugar, I’m here to be your tour guide follow me! So I followed sugar all the way to this yummy looking house, and she said this is your house, come on in and relax but not yet I have to show around candy land some more! Well,here is are giant cupcake were cherry and strawberry live they are sisters and they fight a lot! This next house is were chocolate, vanilla,candy cane and  jelly bean lives their a big family and they all love each other very much. Well, you have almost seen all the houses but mine and green lollipops house but you don’t want to go their because she the candy witch people say she takes kids and boils them in her big pot,all the kids call her black licorice, in candy land that means ugly,mean and scary all at the same time! Lets take you back to your house because you have a big day tomorrow,I do I said with a scary look on my face. yes you do don’t you remember its the day were the princess rides the bid bumpy,scary chocolate river and if you survive you become the queen and if you don’t one of the sister gets be queen and the other gets to be the princess! good luck. See you tomorrow

The day of the chocolate river riding…

Are you sure I can do this I said to sugar and she said of course you can your the princess of candy land how could you not. OK well here I go!!  wow this is really not so bad ,wait whats that Ahhhhh help help theirs a cliff I’m going to fall of the cliff someone help me please.

Right before the cliff…

Ahhhhh as I fall to the chocolate bellow I hear this… Brianne,Brianne,wake up its morning you have to get ready for school come on hurry up my mom said as I blind twice and think to myself this was all just a dream.

Thank goodness!

Picture: Candy house By: gbrunett










Picture: Candy Land By: Ganymedes Costagravas

“Try and fail, but don’t fail to try”

“Try and fail, but fail to try”

~Stephen Kaggwa

I think this quote means , it’s OK to fail at something, but don’t fail to try.

I agree and disagree with this statement because, if some says “I dare you to go and jump of that cliff into the water below, and if you’re not so sure about it don’t do it. That’s one situation i’ve been in and I wasn’t sure about so I didn’t do it. Thats part of the reason why I disagree a bit with this statement.

The reason why I agree too with this statement is because if theres something that looks really fun and super safe that lot’s of  your friends and others are doing and it’s a once in a life time thing and you say no, then you’re not talking a risk, trying something new, then your never going to get anywhere in life. Later in the years when your just sitting at home watching t.v seeing all the kids outside playing outside on a nice sunny day, you’ll wish that you taken a chance all those times you said ‘no.’

Well, has anything reminded you of a time I just told you about? If so I would love to hear about them!

Thanks ~Brianne, Oh and make sure to comment 🙂

Picture: Water Rafting By: Al_HikesAZ

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Want to know some good Blogs?

Hello readers!

Just want to give you some links to people that you might have something in common with,like for example, Julia she has a post on her blog about getting lost in Vancouver, maybe you have something in common with getting lost if you do clink her name and read but be sure to leave a comment!

Well this next blog has a really nice post about The harry potter books! I now lots of people who read those books, if your one on them just clink the name Mara and enjoy!

Also if you like sushi like me visit Aylas short post about sushi!

Well,that’s all I have to say for know hope you like my links!

Bye for now…


Image:Water Fall By:TheDreamSky

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My Top Ten Songs of March

My top top 10 songs of March are…

Hello, Want to know my favourite songs!

I have 10! I hope you like it! Well, here it is.

1. The Story Of Us – By: Taylor Swift

2.  If I Die Young- By: The Band Of Perry

3. Hey Soul Sister- By: Train

4. Hit The Lights-  By: Selena Gomez

5. Stereo Hearts -By: Gym Class Heroes

6. Mean – By: Taylor Swift

7. The One That Got Away-By:Katy Perry

8. Without You-By: David Guetta

9. Last Friday Night-By: Kay Perry

10. Mine- By:Taylor Swift

Hope you liked my top 10 songs post!

Maybe you’ll have some songs in common?

The Young Entreprenur Fair

February 10th was the scariest day ever! Want to know why, because it was  the young Entrepreneur Fair! I hope this post doesn’t make you scared if you ever have a young Entrepreneur Fair. Well here’s how it goes right from the beginning.

Beep beep beep, (Its morning already I said to myself as I jump out of bed) I feel my eyes slowly closing wanting to go back to sleep. I look at the clock and it’s 7:00  already! I better hurry up if I want to be at school on time for the best day ever! As walk down the steep narrow stairs (thump thump thump) I turn the light on and look to the side to see what`s for breakfast, cereal again. I look back at the clock for the second time oh no I got to hurry! The clock says 7:45 and I have to be at the school by 8:10, time goes by fast. My mom walks down the steep narrow stairs and see’s me waiting at the bottom for her. My mom  say’s ” Well, are you ready? if you are get in the car I’ll help you carry your stuff into the car and into the school when we get there.” Finally we are at the school parking lot! I can see my friend waving at me so I wave back as we go inside. I look at the school clock for the third time and it said 8:30! Good thing I ready and got my display out for people to see.

At the Fair

Finally it’s time to open the doors to the fair! I see people wondering around the gym looking for products to buy. I see a lot’s of people coming this way to my display, I said to the five costumers ” hello would you like to buy my Glass Necklaces there only five dollars each” And the costumer said”Yes, I would love to buy a Glass Necklace she say’s” Then I said OK which one?|” And she say`s anyone you think OK. Then I said well, I  really like this it would go good with mostly anything! After awhile I look at  the clock again  and it said five to eleven! and the fair is over at eleven good thing I only have one  more to sell! A boy walks by from my class and his name is Jackson. Guess what! He bought my last Glass necklace for his mom. I was so happy because I really wanted to sell out so I could make my money back. And I did indeed.

My Young Entrepreneur Evaluation

1. Was Your Business Profitable?

I said…

Yes Because I payed all of my loans back to my parents and gave money to charity and still had over hundred dollars left over.

2.What Did You Enjoy About your Business?

I said…

I really enjoyed watching people smiling wearing my necklaces! As they walk away.

3. What advice do you have for future young  Entrepreneurs?

I said…

Talk to your costumers and make eye contact. It really helps to start a good business.

Well that’s all I have to say for now good luck if you ever have a young  Entrepreneur fair in the future!

Picture: Glass squares By: Brianne